Saturday April 23rd 2011 Doran Gallery
Doors open at 7pm


Alison Kotin
Tania Ostorga
Cindy Bishop
Courtney Lockemer
Eowyn Evans
Joseph Liberty
clawdeus — polymediac
Daniel James Buckley
Jeff Bartell
Mick Cusimano — Surreal poet and artist
SiNuS BRaDy — database admin + poet
Jon Hindmarsh — nude contortionist

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the latest on fauxShow

fauxShow just added the amazing musical talents of Loudly
{ from Loudly, Fernando and Dom }

go check him out

here's Loudly on Facebook, up-close + personal
'sGonna be too cool

art + food = fun

there'll be art + food for all to enjoy

we'll start with the feature set from Loudly with time to socialize + twist a bit into the night

food + such will be available to get your mingle on

+ then we'll get right into fauxShow fo real 'n' proppa

drop us a line if you want more details

and here's a little map,
just in case you're not
fully acquainted with the area

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